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Yoga is a great place for those who are in search of the ancient practice and true essence of yoga, meditation, health, peace and learning the art of creating a class to teach safely. We are passionate about adjustments and mainly focus on the alignment of the asanas.

We believe in transforming lifestyles. Join us to experience the best combination of Yoga and Crossfit trainings.

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    Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer

    Most of us are more or less familiar with yoga, less so with CrossFit. Saying that, its popularity has grown quickly in the last few years to the point that unless you live on a desert island, there's no doubt that you have heard of it. Some feel intimidated by it, but the ones who are not, love it!

    A common misconception is that most people see CrossFit as being all about lifting heavy weights and doing high intensity workouts only. It is true to some extent, but there is way more to CrossFit than that. CrossFit is not a building-muscles-and-looking-like-a-potato discipline (CrossFitters are much leaner and smaller than weightlifters). It’s also not all about the look: one can see males and females of all shapes, sizes and ages working out and having fun at CrossFit boxes all over the world! Community spirit is definitely one of the defining features of CrossFit. Some call it a cult, some call it a tribe, but for others it has become a way of life!

    And, similar to yoga, it benefits not only physical, but many other aspects of our life as well.

    Love it or hate it, yoga has been proven to bring tremendous physical and (especially) psychological results. The success of yoga lies in the fact that apart from being a physical discipline, it has its impact on different aspects of our life and wellbeing